Pressure Sensors: The Multi Use Electrical Gadget!

There are many industries which rely on clever electronic gadgets in manufacturing, applications and industry. Pressure sensors are one of those gadgets which is not that heard of outside of the industries which use them all the time.

A pressure sensor can come in a wide range of guises, from heavy duty sensors for larger industry through to miniature packages to gauge pressure in small applications.  Pressure transmitters are amplified outputs with absolute pressure or gauge pressure for reference.  The pressure sensors available for lots of different applications can be bought and ordered online from specialist companies such as Strain Sense, which is the leading figure in strain gauges and pressure sensors in Europe.  They stock a wide range of different sensors for industries such as the motorsport industry, transport and aeronautical systems.

You can discover more about pressure sensors on the Strain Sense website, or try looking them up online to find out more information.